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why did kris leave exo? i heard a lot of things, one including because of sm and how they werent treating him right and/or he just wanted out of exo..? sorry if you've been asked this before; im new to your blog! :)
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Hi ^^

No one knows the real reason for Kris wanting to leave SM. All we know is that he doesn’t think it’s worth staying.

If I would guess, based on how humans normally behave, Kris probably has many different reasons, all leading to that one drastic decision.

But yes. It seems SM can’t give Kris what he wants anymore. It’s like any other relationship, really. (Only the contract make it a bit more complicated to part ways. Kind of like a marriage.)

Look at this glorious fancam of Kim Young Min.

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let's remove that "yeah" in your url shall we?
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lol nope

Ridiculous rumours and groundless accusations won’t take away the fact that Kim Young Min has been doing a good job with SM and deserves more credit in general.

And to the other anon who thinks Kim Young Min is ‘evil’: if you are serious, all I can say is: child, you are blessed if you have been protected from the real evils of this world this far.


Lee Soo Man (center) with Baidu representatives to the left (the article doesn’t say exactly who they are? Except the CEO in striped shirt, Li Yan Hong), and Kim Jin Gon (from a Korean Cultural Center in China?), Kim Young Min (SM CEO), and Han Se Min (SM C&C CEO) to the right.

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Kris, Suho and Young Min.

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EXO’s Kris, Suho and Kim Young Min.

Korail to launch hallyu-themed train for overseas fans

The Korea Railroad Corporation said it will operate a hallyu-themed train that will take overseas fans of K-pop to tourist destinations in Korea. The state rail company said it will develop programs for overseas K-pop fans with SM Entertainment, which manages TVXQ, EXO and Girls’ Generation. Korail and SM Entertainment signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of a “hallyu tourism program” on Monday. On the same day, Korail ran a train trip with TVXQ members and 250 of their fans from Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore and more to the southern provinces in celebration of the group’s 10th anniversary.


Source:The Korea Herald [2014-03-28]

( The picture is of Kim Young Min with Korail CEO Choi Yeon Hye.)